Privacy Policy

We value the privacy of users who use KurdTaxi customer application, KurdTaxi Driver application and website. This privacy policy describes the way we collect and use information of our customers and drivers.

Collected Information

i-  Registration information: When you sign up for KurdTaxi, you provide us with your details such as full name, email address and contact number. This information will be collected for your profile. In case if you sign up using your Facebook account, we will collect your basic information on Facebook: name, gender, profile photo and friends.

ii- Direct correspondences and communications: We collect information related to your direct communication with us, whether this communication is a direct call or email. If it’s a direct call, we collect information related to the time of call to understand peak times of customer service. In case of an email, we collect any attachments sent by you that are related to our services and we use this information to enhance our service.

iii-  Driver information: We collect all the necessary driver-related information when they sign up to our service, such as full name as stated on official documents (e.g. passport or national ID), date of birth, home address as well as license and vehicle information.

i-User location:GPS location is key to our service, because our service is all about connecting passengers with taxi vehicles based on their locations. We receive your location when you open the app on your mobile device and also when the app is running in the background.

We use location information to enhance the service we provide; connect passengers with taxi drivers, improve passenger safety, identify pick up locations and provide drivers accordingly, identify drop off locations and suggesting destinations based on previous rides.  GPS location is also used to calculate the distance travelled and therefore to calculate the costs of journeys.  Finally, GPS location information is used to identify services and/or promotions in your area.

ii-Device-related:We collect customers’ device-related information including IP addresses, mobile operating system, mobile operating system version, device identifiers, push notification tokens and Facebook identifier (in case if you sign up using your Facebook profile). This information helps us to understand our passengers and further enhance our service.  In regard to the drivers’ devices, we collect sensor-related data such as speed, acceleration and direction. Information related to drivers’ devices help us to improve the safety.

iii- Customer-app interaction information: We continuously seek ways to improve our app and to do so, we heavily rely on information related to your interaction with and usage of our apps. We developed the app in a way in which we can receive information about your usage of the app, such as the pages you view, the time you spend on each page and the times of using the app.

iv-  Address Book Contacts: We may collect the list of contacts stored on your mobile device only if you grant us the permission to do so. This will help spreading invitations to join KurdTaxi to your contacts.

v- Customer and driver feedback: Our apps enable us to collect feedback both from customers and drivers.  This feedback can include star ratings and also detailed textual feedback. We collect, store and analyse this data to improve the experiences of both passengers and drivers.

vi- Information from cookies: The website and app use cookies to distinguish you from other your users, learn about preferences and to enhance your experience with our services. A cookie file might be stored on the browser or hard drive of your computer or mobile device, to obtain information about your general usage.

All of our users’ data are stored on our secure servers and we are committed to protecting this data.  Although we use the most up-to-date technology to secure users’ data, it is important to clarify that no security measure can provide 100% security.

We make use of the collected information to enhance the service, both for customers and drivers. More specifically, we use the information to:

  • Connect customers with drivers.
  • Understand how users are using KurdTaxi Apps and identify ways of improvement.
  • Personalize the experience of interacting with KurdTaxi apps.
  • Resolve issues such as disputes between customers and drivers.

When a customer is matched with a driver, they can see basic profile information about each other such as name and profile photo. The customer is also able to see the driver’s vehicle information such as the vehicle type and plate number. Customers and drivers see each others’ locations. The driver sees the customer’s location and the customer sees the driver’s real-time location.

We may share our users’ information in the following cases:

  • If a government department requests particular information for the safety of the public.
  • To comply with legal requirements, including but not limited to, court orders.

The privacy policy described here may change in the future. We will inform our users about changes to the privacy policy, either through the apps, email or text messages. We encourage all of our users to read this privacy policy and we would like to clarify that using KurdTaxi service means agreement with our privacy policy.